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Re: Having trouble after baby #2

Could you have postpartum depression?

I felt really awful after having my 2nd. There were a lot of other changes I had made recently in my life (we'd moved, I had reconciled my relationship with my parents, etc) and I think all of that combined with a new baby (he and DD were just 19 mos apart) just made me really depressed. I was also alone a LOT. We only had one car, and I had no friends who could or would come and pick me up to take me places. DH was in school and working full time. ... I was hanging on by a thread to my sanity...

Looking back, I wish I would have stood up and asked for help. I wish DH would have noticed how much I needed something. There were days where I would just sit and cry. I loved my kids but caring for them alone, with no where to go and no one else who seemed to care was really HARD.

mama. Ask for help if you need help! Don't feel ashamed about it. Talk to your doctor. Talk to your midwife. Talk to your SO. Talk to your mom or your friends. You have to let people know you need some help, that you are having some trouble. Tell them what you typed here - that you feel overwhelmed and you sometimes just want to give up. It takes strength and courage to ask for help when you need it. You don't have to do this by yourself.
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