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Alright, I am going to do my "formal" intro now. My siggy tells you some, but I will go into the rest. We have 3 bio children (living) and one son who we adopted domestically through an open adoption. We have tried to adopt again since he was born, only to have many failed adoptions follow. Five birthmoms decided to parent, one had a late-term abortion, one the agency screwed up, and just two weeks ago our baby girl was born pre-term at 32 weeks and the birthmom declined any life-saving measures (mom had just been sentenced to 15 years in prison as well as birthdad being sentenced a few months prior). We stopped actively pursuing adoption after our 3rd failed adoption, but we are always open when they come to us.

We started foster care training almost three years ago, but DH ended up getting transferred in the middle of it and the only agency in the new area is the one who messed up our adoption...after that, we were NOT going to foster through them. Eight months ago, we moved back to the area where we did our foster training originally. We went back through them, re-did the training where we had to, and then got busy on doing all of the work for certification. The paperwork took forever, as well as a move in the same area to a house with more bedrooms (so fostering would be easier logistics wise). We are all done now with everything, just waiting on the stuff to get finished on the agencies end and the licensing to be official. They told us last Wednesday that we would be licensed within two weeks. I am so excited. We will be accepting two under the age of two, but could possibly accept three under the age of two (they asked us if we would, because of my NICU experience and medical training, and also because my oldest son is already enlisted in the military and lives with his father until he goes to bootcamp). We shall see what happens.

Our goal is to love these children while we can, and hopefully plant a seed of love in their life that will always continue to grow. They may just be with us for a season before going back to their family, or to their forever family. However, we are also open to God's planning and if he leads us to adopt one of our special foster babies, we would be thrilled to do so. DH says we will still be adopting when we're 70...LOL. I doubt it, but he makes me laugh.
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