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What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

I am attempting to do my best research on the subject with unbiased information on both sides. My husband and I are on opposite sides of the fence but I honestly think either of us could be swayed, we just want to do what's best. I find lots on here about why not to and I totally get all of it. I want to know for those of you who did, why - specifically medical reasons. I know there is a lot that goes into it but I'm looking at only medical benefits. For instance lower UTI rate and lower cancer risk. Right now I'm not entirely sure that the chance of preventing those outweigh the risk of the procedure and just wondering what else I'm missing.

I'm totally great with private messages so no one will have to worry about being judged for their opinions.

(I looked at the links in the stickies but many don't work or provide information I've already been aware of. If there is a previous thread similar to this, my apologies, I have trouble with the search function on here.)
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