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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

LOL! How exciting, can't wait to see the little fuzzies!

My girls have dropped production a little bit. I'm noticing it the most in the two EE's. They skipped 2 days last week both of them, same days. I don't know if my girls will moult? I sure hope not, the first day of Nov. it just turns on a dime. Pleasant fall to bitter, bitter cold. Mine are fairly young and just finished their pre-laying moult so I'm kinda hoping they'll hold off. I'm curious to see if my baby girls who should be laying any time from this week on will hold off on beginning until spring-time.

Does anyone have girls who will not lay in foul weather? When the wind really gets gusting around here only 1/2 of my girls will lay. Truthfully, it's a bit annoying. I needed a lot of eggs this week due to getting DH ready for his hunting trip and lots of extra baking and they sit out there fat and stuffed with all the squash, pumpkin, bread and extra tidbits I threw them and refuse to lay.
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