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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
I hate to agree but I do. I hope you find a happier balance Terra for yourself, cause this last version has been a big turn off, and doesn't feel like you are truely happy.
I kind of have to agree also. It just seems that you don't want to have a stand in what you believe in. Now, don't get me wrong.....I feel very strongly about things, but I also know there are some things that are completely another persons parenting choice and I will still be friends with them due to their choices. But, I'm not going to say I'm not going to "judge" them. For example, my sis in law whom I love dearly and get along great with will not extend rear face her children and circ'd her son. I do NOT agree with her choices in either, but I'm still going to hang out with her, be friends with her and I respect her choice in those matters, but I def. do not agree and inward cringe when I see her 1 1/2 year old forward facing.
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