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Re: Recommend your double stroller

Originally Posted by DecsMama View Post
I should have included that we are looking for one around $200 or less if possible. I don't know if that's a realistic goal.
We got a Jeep Wrangler double stroller It was lightweight and got the job done. It was a side by side. I much preferred the side by side design, so that I didn't feel like I was pushing a bus. I could see where the wheels were as we were going.

The stroller was wide, but it fit in every place that was wheelchair accessible. So, every store I frequented and all the bathrooms, it could also fit into the handicap stall with me which was so nice I didn't have to try to juggle the kids if I had to potty when we were out somewhere!

It was $100 new at BRU. It folded up, much like an umbrella stroller and didn't take up too much room in our Prius.
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