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Originally Posted by Kiliki
We do not vax at all.

This is b/c I find it difficult to find a ped who will talk to me about vaxes without being fear-mongering. Even our ped who doesn't say much about our not vaxing, if I bring it up will bring in 100 pages of crap for me to read and then hand me a list of a ton of vaxes my kids need. I also have to sign a paper for EVERY vax we decline stating that I understand my kids could DIE if we don't vax.

I actually think if I could find a reasonable, non-judgemental pediatrician (w/o a God complex) who would speak to me about vaxes, listen to my concerns and agree to do some but not all of them, I would probably selectively and delay vax.

If I could find that, we'd probably delay all vaxes until at least about 5 y/o. This is b/c most vaxes are for childhood illnesses, and I don't have kids in daycare, who are exposed regularly to a lot of germs or other kids or questionable hygiene practices. Since they are pretty much all the time with me, I keep up with good hygiene, and we try to eat healthy - and I think those two things are great preventative measures for disease, so I am not concerned with them contracting most childhood illnesses.

The vaxes I would like my kids to have at some point are the MMR (I'd like them separated out and not altogether, but I don't even know if that's possible), and the polio vax. Maybe some others I am not thinking of at the moment.

The vaxes I think are completely useless (IMO and accdg to MY research) are the whooping cough vaccine, the flu vaccine and the chicken pox vaccine. In MOST kids with a normal, working, healthy immune system, these illnesses - while not being pleasant or fun at all - are not going to be deadly.

Here are the reasons I feel that way:

Both of my older 2 kids had whooping cough - my oldest is vaxed against it and her case was FAR WORSE than my son's - who is not vaxed against it. I contracted it while pg and I broke a rib coughing. I am vaxed against it.

I've had chicken pox. Twice. Not severe the first time, didn't get a good enough immunity so I caught it again. My brother had it. My mom had it. My Dad had it. My grandmas and grandpas all had it. All my Aunts and Uncles had it. All my cousins had it. IMO it's not deadly unless a person already has a compromised immune system for whatever reason. Uncomfortable? Yes. Deadly? Probably not. I think this vax was created for parents who don't want to sit home from work for 2 wks with kids who have CP.

And the flu vax. Made from last years strains that *might* still be around this year, and *might* not have mutated enough for the vax to be able to prevent it.

I also think it's stupid to vax newborns for an STD that a healthy person knows they don't have and could not possibly pass on to their kids.

Totally useless vaxes. I know I'll get flamed for that, but that's my opinion.

Anyway. there you have it. In a nutshell, we don't vax at all. We probably would if we could find the right pediatrician. But those are few and far between and really hard to come by.
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