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Re: I hate early labor

Originally Posted by spacecat1974 View Post
'nuff said on that. Once again I was awakened by strong contrax. Now that I'm awake they are petering out. No these are NOT BH contrax.

This happened Wed night/ Thurs. morning as well. At least they aren't totally going away this time, just spreading out. Apparently Mr. Bean isn't totally happy with the situation as he keeps kicking my right side. My cat, who recently went through a phase of insisting on being outdoors, hasn't left my side all week.

I hope Mr. Bean decides to arrive soon.

Ok, I'll stop whining and head to bed.
I know how that is mama. Hang in there! From my experience the more of those you do, the shorter the labor. With the one I had the most of these I only knew that I was really in labor for 45 min. dh knew another hour and figured we ought to get some sleep. Good luck mama!
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