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Lesson in futility or persistence?

okay, so at about 21 months, I tried to potty train. She pooped in the potty, but had a million pee accidents and I decided she wasn't really ready.

Now she's just turned 2 about 2 weeks ago. She's been very interested in the potty, asking to sit on it (although not doing anything in it), telling us before she poops sometimes, definitely telling us after she poops (most of the time) and is much more verbal than she was previously.

So, yesterday, I put her in panties. We had about 12 accidents throughout the day. All of which were somewhat expected, I guess, for the first day. We had an indident where she had poop hanging out of her butt twice and would not would not would not push it out. She was so upset saying 'all done, all done'. We did everything we could to keep her on the potty, reading, singing, playing 20questions, etc. But it did not work. The first event, she pooped her pants shortly thereafter. The second event was at night and she's really smart, so she figured out from naptime that she gets a diaper to sleep in, so she was just begging to go to bed. We got her ready and put her in a diaper, which she promptly filled with poop.

should note that she did pee in the potty after naptime yesterday and then a little bit once last night.

fast forward to today. We end up with just as many pee accidents all morning long. Then 1 pee in the potty before naptime (hey - that's quicker than yesterday!!) and then she runs upstairs, gets in DH's closet and poops. I change her, we put the poop in the potty, we put on new panties and go upstairs to brush our teeth for naptime. When I lay her down to put on her diaper, she has a little bit of pee in the new panties too.

Am I just pushing something that she's just not ready for? I mean, I can handle the accidents - they suck, but we have all hardwoods downstairs, so it's doable. But she's never ran and hid to poop before. It seems that potty training is backfiring.

I'm okay with continuing through the 3day process because I've seen enough reports of 'it just clicks on the 3rd day' to think that maybe something magical will happen tomorrow.

but I'm really disheartened right now
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