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here is my caveat before I even tell you my reasons-I work in medical research-in no way do I have anything to do with vaccine research or scheduling or administration, but none the less, I am a medical researcher and so bring a different persepctive.

Now, shoving the medical researcher in me aside, I vaccinate my children. the reason? although most people think it is b/c I work in research and come from a science background, that actually has little to do with it. what it boils down to is that my parents chose not to vaccinate me (they were concerned I would be allergic to some ingredients) and so chose not to vaccinate me or my older sister (no idea why they didn't vaccinate her-she had zero allergies). We both got measles and bad. We could have died. It was a big regret for my parents I think.

And just FYI: I did not go to daycare. I was not yet in any formal school or peer groups at the time.

So, having almost died from a totally preventable illness I am pro-vaccine, leaving the whole science side of my brain out of it (but I am willing to open that side of my brain too, but few people really want to hear that part!).

I have friends who chose not to vaccinate-their choice, we just don't discuss it in any sort of debate, I respect their right to chose and they respect mine. It is a very hot topic and my suggestion (this is the science brain) is do your research-don't let others opinions sway you, don't let horror stories (including mine) sway you, do your research. And seek credible sources. Don't trust that google will weed out the crap for you, you really need to be confident in the sources of your information (as much as what the actual information tells you). Good luck!
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