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Re: Wake a newborn to feed?

dd was still "nursing" at 2 weeks(i use this term loosely since she actually wasnt sucking lol) since we started bottle feeding her pumped milk she has NEVER gone longer than 2 hours w/o eating during the day, but sleeps 4-6 hour stretches at night. she takes 3.5oz every 2 hours. before that she would go longer between feeds but it was bc she really was not getting enough to eat:/ ive always been told that under 4 weeks they need to eat every 2-3 hours. id let mine go to 3 hours if they were asleep. ive never woken mine up at "night" not even as newborns. but they all woke up to eat every 2-3 hours for the first 4 weeks or longer. dd is 3 months old now btw. so older. she is 9.5lbs.
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