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I had HG with DS. I had a Picc line placed at 9 weeks so I could give myself IV drips at home, and at 14 weeks started getting TPN through the picc. I had wonderful home care nurses that came twice a week for dressing changes. All my IV fluids were shipped to my house. I also had a zofran pump, though it didn't seem to help.
I was a first time single mom and had to take a medical leave from my job and move in with my parents. I had several hospital stays, once for 2 weeks during which my picc got infected and caused blood poisoning. I had to take medication not approved for pregnant women because it was the only option, and the infection left me with blind spots in my left eye. Luckily my DS was born healthy at 37 weeks, 7lb 3oz.
I have been having what's probably more typical m/s this pregnancy and I'm 11.5 weeks and starting to feel a bit better. If I had HG again I probably would be done having kids because it was such a challenge physically and emotionally.
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