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Re: Somebody introduce me to Flats...please?

Originally Posted by Katiebug_1976 View Post
I think pad folding is what I'm planning to do (fold into a rectangle and lay in a cover?). I have never used snappi's, pins or Boingos before, and don't think I plan to. Thanks to those that suggested using flour sacks to practice folds ahead of time (I just happen to have some in my pantry!). there a difference between buying "flats" from a diaper store (online) or flour sack towels from somewhere like Walmart? Cheap is good to me, but not if there's going to be an absorbancy or other issue.
I actually ONLY use Flour Sack Towels in my covers and pockets and LOVE them! I have debated about buying some "real" flats, but until my LO starts soaking through the FSTs, I can't justify it. They are so cheap and work so well! I prefer Target's to Walmart's, FWIW.
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