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Re: Lesson in futility or persistence?

Oh, she's ready. I think you are probably dealing with typical poop issues.

You need to do a naked day where you watch her like a hawk and run her to the potty as she starts to go (pee and poo). Once you "catch" that first poo on the potty it gets easier.

If you know she's waiting for the nap diaper to poo, just don't give her one. Your best bet with this one is to get rid of all diapers all at once.

If she does the poop in the closet thing, tell her, "Poop in the closet is no good. You're a big girl and you can put your poop in the potty now."

After naked day, let her run around in pants or shorts without undies. They can feel too much like a diaper at first. After a month or so, you can try undies again.

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