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Re: Diaper for a 4 year old at night?

Originally Posted by Xanders View Post
Maybe, but you will spend a ton on disposable pull-ups. It might be a few yrs before she stops bed wetting. My DS is 5 1/2& still does!
I already know all of this. I know investing money up front will save money in the long run but my husband doesn't like cloth to begin with and I don't work so anything I buy has to be approved by him and he wont spend that money up front plus we live paycheck to paycheck and honestly don't have that much money sitting around so that's why disposables are easier for us to handle right now BUT hers are running low and I'd prefer to buy cloth but I can't invest alot of money up front. Maybe $30 but that would need to be for at least 2 diapers but thank you
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