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Re: Going pat 41 weeks...really dangerous?

Originally Posted by ashley84 View Post
38 weeks? I'm not saying you aren't correct, but no one in their right mind would consider an induction at 38 weeks simply based on the fact that the rate of stillbirth increases at that point. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the rate of stillbirth might go up at 38 weeks because the rate of deliveries start going up then. Rates rising significantly after week 41 is an entirely different issue.
Thank you so much for saying what I was trying to say in such a nicer way than it would have come out if I'd tried to say it!!!

OP, this is a hard question.

You will have people who know someone or who themselves have had a baby still born at 40+ wks.

You will have some who have had babies perfectly healthy at 40+ wks.

You will have mothers who have stillbirths much earlier in pregnancy (my cousin had a stillborn baby around 20 wks).

It's just about your own comfort level and how much risk is acceptable to you, personally.

Would I consent to an induction at 41 wks, with tests saying the baby is healthy and having no issues, simply b/c someone told me the stillbirth rate goes up at 41 wks?

No, I personally don't think I would.

But whether you will or not is your choice and it has to be one you are comfortable with, no matter what happens.

...I will say this for you to think about...

Docs have been calling 42 wks the "magical" number at which stillbirth rates jump dramatically and have been inducing women with that reasoning for a LONG time. For the most part, that has been working fine. If we suddenly start calling 41 wks the "acceptable" time limit, what happens? We might save a handful of babies a year, which is WONDERFUL. But what happens to maternity care? More forced inductions, more difficult labors, more babies born too early b/c of incorrect dates.... I would be really surprised to see that standard change after so long.

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