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Originally Posted by happysmileylady
Of course! He's not perfect, and neither am I and we are partners in parenting and part of that includes helping each other improve our parenting. It's not about criticizing or insulting or not backing him up, it's about genuine questioning and understanding and so on.

It's no different than when you are at work and working with a group of people on a project and you have meetings to discuss ideas and put forth some ideas and decide not to pursue others. Same thing.
Yes, same.

However I am sort of the senior level guy - since I do it all day and read the parenting books and think about it more. So I tend to have the more thought-out perspective. I definitely approach it as a discussion though. And I try to share a distilled version of what I am currently learning and thinking about as it comes, so I'm not springing anything on him in the moment. We talk about the future a lot too and how we want to do things when she is older.

I really respect my DH as a dad and allow for us to have differences. He cares about things like table manners more than I do, and that's okay. I don't sweat the small stuff.
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