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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Corrie- I used this book for a while. I like that it takes different skills and breaks them down into stages and advances them at their own pace. Each month with the kids (I had 1-5 year olds at the time) we focused on one skill and did about 10 minutes each day.

For the girls now, we don't have a regular PE time, they play a sport and I count practice and games (usually 2-3 hours/week depending on the sport). We also take walks and go on bike rides regularly on the weekends. Then each day the kids go outside to play for at least 30 minutes if not an hour. Right now, I'm only counting the sports for "school hours" b/c I feel like we're getting enough, but if push came to shove, I would definitely log the other things we do as well.

Heather-I know all about having baby impatience. I was a month early with my first and 2 weeks overdue with #2. Talk about the longest 6 weeks of my life! Everyday I hoped that would be the day. Alas, they finally induced my 16 days overdue. Sometimes I think she'd still be in there if she hadn't been coerced!

Jen-I pm'ed you about the hours. I agree that logging each week is the way to go. Now to just make myself do it!

Shannon-How does Tharen sleep? I'm asking b/c the way you describe his behavior sounds so much like Emma's when she was younger. She was non-stop from the moment her eyes opened until the absolute second she couldn't hold them open any longer. She was very easily agitated and had a lot of angry outbursts. She slept only about 7 hours a day and was a very restless sleeper. Several drs. said she just didn't require a lot of sleep. So, we let it go. I think she was 4 when she happened to be sleeping in bed with me during an apnea episode (scared the crap out of me!). Turns out she had an extremely narrow airway due to enlarged tonsils and laying down exaggerated the condition (the allergist said that in a lying position, her airway was about two hairs wide ). Long story short (well not really ), her behavior was largely due to severe exhaustion from not getting rested for the first 4 years of her life. She still suffers attention problems and is rather easily annoyed (and gets angry), but it is nowhere near like it was before. Just sharing our experience (maybe something to think about).

AFM: Schooling is hap-hazard at best today. We were supposed to have someone come and lay our linoleum today, but when he was 30 minutes late, DH called. He had to go to work. He'd try to come tomorrow! Uh, we'd shut off the water, moved to stove, dishwasher and fridge out of the kitchen. It wasn't like we could just hang out for a few days. DH was ticked off (told the guy where to go) and I took all the kids to McD's to hang out for an hour or two. DH called a friend of ours and the two of them did it themselves. It turned out really well, but it would've been so much easier if we hadn't had to deal with all that drama (tried to set up the appt. about 4 times b/c FIL wanted this particular guy to do it).
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