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Re: What features do you wish your house had?

Well we're renting a house right now and it's temporary, but there are definitely some changes I'd make if I could. It really needs a storage closet on the main floor. There are only bedroom closets and the bedrooms are tiny so we need the closet space. I've had to store my vacuum, mop, broom, etc in the garage because there is nowhere to put them and it's a pain. I'd also love a playroom here since our other home had one and that's been the biggest transition. Right now we have about half of the living area dedicated to being a play area and I HATE it. If the bedrooms weren't microscopic I would've just made them keep their toys up there, but even if we cut a lot of what we have it still wouldn't fit. There is barely even any walk space in the boys' room with two beds in there . I guess that's another thing I'd love... bigger bedrooms. Other than that the layout here is great for us, I just wish it were remodeled.

Oh and I'd love central heating here. Something I'm really missing now that it's getting cold here :/
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