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Originally Posted by 3lilbubs
LOL! How exciting, can't wait to see the little fuzzies!

My girls have dropped production a little bit. I'm noticing it the most in the two EE's. They skipped 2 days last week both of them, same days. I don't know if my girls will moult? I sure hope not, the first day of Nov. it just turns on a dime. Pleasant fall to bitter, bitter cold. Mine are fairly young and just finished their pre-laying moult so I'm kinda hoping they'll hold off. I'm curious to see if my baby girls who should be laying any time from this week on will hold off on beginning until spring-time.

Does anyone have girls who will not lay in foul weather? When the wind really gets gusting around here only 1/2 of my girls will lay. Truthfully, it's a bit annoying. I needed a lot of eggs this week due to getting DH ready for his hunting trip and lots of extra baking and they sit out there fat and stuffed with all the squash, pumpkin, bread and extra tidbits I threw them and refuse to lay.
Your last part about them sitting fat and happy made me actually laugh out loud. So funny. Annoying yea, but funny

So we just moved our babies's early but they were jumping out of everything we put them in inside and absolutely love being outside. So we just put their lamp in the coop (very secured) and put them all up top in the smaller enclosed area together with the light - last night was their first night then we let them into the run this morning and they are just playing in the yard right now. They're doing great. Feeling like it was a good move.

I still have these stupid mice I see scurrying around. Not sure what I'm gonna do about them - there have been a decent amount of prairie cats (just ferral cats from the land our property backs up to) but I'm not sure if they're after my babies or the mice. We shall see.

We won't even be expecting eggs til late spring but these babies sure are fun to watch. I'm just shy of 100% positive that the one cuckoo maran is a roo - it roosts above all the others, is bossy but nice, and literally stands watch while the others eat. Plus it has the hugest legs I've ever seen - so disproportionate. Then maybe one of the ee is too...same reasons just a little less obvious than the maran. All the others are doing great. The blue Cochin is such a love, the two other ee look like Hindu princesses with their dark eyes, the two black Cochins are tiniest and just follow the others around, the brahma is adorable and I often forget she's not an ee because of her markings (thank goodness she has furry legs or I wouldn't be able to tell her apart from them), the br is finally coming into a personality - she was the tiniest and just seemed timid but now she has her feathers and flaps around and thinks she's one of the marans, the other two marans are great - very curious and active compared to the stoner Cochins - they run up to us to see if we have any worms and then run away and they are a good week older than the others and even so bigger.

Happily foraging in the yard while I sit back and convince myself I should just sit and not garden!
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