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Re: What are you getting your LO for Christmas?

Great thread! I hope lots of people chime in so we can get ideas. I still need a few.

Shared gifts for the girls -
A dress up chest (like, literally, the chest and maybe a few items to go inside - does anyone know of a good place to get something like this? I checked the thrift stores and found one old, junky chest but I'm looking for something nicer but not too expensive. otherwise, i don't even know where to shop for a chest.)

Making animal ear head bands

I also want to do a homemade I Spy thing. I took all the pictures, now just need to figure out how I want to put it together.

If I have extra time (haha), I want to do a Duplo Lego puzzle book. Put together a bunch of different "puzzles" with Duplos, take a picture, then put them in a book. The kids can sort through the legos and put the puzzles together to match the picture.

5yo DD is also getting a bunch of new PJ's from OUAC.

I am still thinking about a bigger gift for the 2yo and something small for the baby boy (not clothes, though). Maybe one bigger gift for all of them for Christmas morning.

for stockings - toothbrush, toothpaste, bandaids, and a crayon (marker) roll for each.
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