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Re: Will this ever happen?

Originally Posted by IsaacsMom2009 View Post
DS is 3y7m. He says "No, I'll just go in my diaper."

He HATES being naked. If I take his diaper off, he will just lay there. And if I don't put another one on, he becomes hysterical (I tried putting on underwear, or doing the whole letting him go naked thing, and both have been met with crazy, irrational screaming fits).

I try not to be frustrated and to tell myself that he's only 3, and there is still time for this, but it's so hard when he looks me straight in the face and says "I'm not going to use the potty. I prefer to pee in my diaper." (Yes, he says it just like that).
I guess at 3.7y, he's old enough to understand...he's just being stubborn with a bit of laziness thrown in.

Could you explain to him how expensive dipes are? Play the pity card that mama has to work hard for it/that the money for his sposies can buy you lots of food-his favorite food?

Tell him that for every dipe he saves, he'll get that much to put in a piggy bank and he can buy whatever he wants with it?

Does he like the idea of going to school? Has he been told (reminded again and again) that kids who go to school need to be only in undies?
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