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Re: Having trouble after baby #2

Our younger daughter was sensitive to company and couldn't miss a nap either. She did grow out of it, but it was such a pain to schedule everything around her and I dreaded company because I knew we'd be "dealing" with the aftermath.

You gotta get out of the house, though. Can you take the stroller and walk the mall? Can you leave your baby with hubby for any length of time and just focus on the older child? My maternity leave just ended, but I tried to get out of the house every day and I took my older one to swimming lessons every Saturday. (My middle child didn't seem to need any special attention.)

Going from 1 to 2 kids was hard for me, too. it took my oldest DD 9 months to "adjust" to having a baby sister. Adding #3 was a breeze comparatively.

I'm an introvert, so the idea of joining a play group just makes me cringe. But if you have some friends, find time for them with or without kids, even if it's just for Mcdonalds on a Saturday.
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