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Re: Do you do the circus?

I go back and forth. I want instill the awe of nature and all life in our children, who live in an urban/suburban neighborhood with little opportunity for witnessing it in the natural habitat. But I also want to make sure that all life is treated with respect. I am not opposed to loving pet ownership, so I have no real reason to be opposed to responsible zoos...they are going out of their way to provide the best habitat they can while most pet owners do not. On the other hand, circus animals have to train and perform and are not given a well designed habitat, so I am not as willing to support it, but I am not entirely opposed to it, just as I am not entirely opposed to dog shows (which is basically an exact comparison). If I know the pet owners or trainers have a loving relationship, I just can't be up in arms about it.

ETA: We have talked about going to a Cirque Shanghai show with the kids this year. Human circuses are a great alternative.

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