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My friend lost her baby at 42+ after a long induction. The cord may have been compromised and they lost his HR during the last moments before his birth. He was 8lb10oz so not gigantic, but she's kinda petite so big for her. He made it out but not alive. She didn't want to risk an unnecessary c-section with an induction at 40-41wks so she waited and tried acupuncture. Finally at 42wks she went in and 2 days later lost her baby boy. It was one of the single most traumatic and sad experiences I've witnessed. It really changed me to the core. She's since had another baby and they scheduled a c/s at 39wks and everything went great. After 39wks you're only adding risk to your pregnancy... All of my dr's have told me that. I've been induced for health reasons the last 3 pregnancies between 37-39wks.
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