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Originally Posted by Kiliki
I am actually going to say this. But I'm putting it in this thread.

I view female circ the same way as male circ. And when "intactivists" compare the two it just does nothing for me.

If female circ was socially normal and accepted, and most women I personally knew were circ'd, if I was cric'd myself, and all the girls I grew up with were circ'd, if there were cultural and religiously acceptable reasons to circ girls... then yes, I'd circ my girls. It's the exact same as male circ, IMO.

It just does nothing for the anti-circ thought process IMO.

Do any other circ'ers feel this way about this anti-circ argument???
I don't know that I "feel" that way, but I get what you're saying. I don't think female circing is the same numbers wise, even where it is socially acceptable. It's not often done in hospitals by professionals, but often by lay-people and in unsanitary conditions and to prevent something normal from happening unlike with males where this is SOME benefit considered by the AAP and medical community. Also, in comparison it's very different. The amount of skin taken during FGM is MUCH different than in RIC. JMO, but I get what you're saying, I just don't really agree.
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