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DD is 5 months and has silent reflux and while not that severe, does have issues. The gurgle sound is usually the acid in the throat. First off, I'd have your sister make sure she gets a referral to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist asap. She may have to pressure her pediatrician for this, but it's really important. The GI will do some testing and likely give some medicine.

We are still waiting for a ped GI referral to go through, we have a very slow insurance plan. DD is on Ready To Feed Alimentum because she was starting to refuse Nutramigen and powder Alimentum is pretty similar. The other formulas made her much worse, she even stopped breastfeeding, I don't know what it was with my milk because I am Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Peanuts, and Egg white Free. With this she actually is eating again and doing great. We also give her slippery elm in 2 bottles each day because it coats the throat and prevents the acid from burning it letting it heal. However, I don't know if it would be good at this point for her son, DD's is more moderate and this is mainly because DD isn't on meds yet and was screaming in pain otherwise whenever she had a reflux episode. It was a last resort and we had her formula under control already. If you sister does do this, I'd start with only one capsule in one bottle a day since her son is still young. We also mix probiotics in one bottle each day, there is no harm in doing that.

So yeah, make sure she gets a Ped GI referral asap. I'd also suggest she try some Hypo Allergenic formula starting with the powder first since it's more affordable. If it doesn't work, then try RTF Alimentum.

Outside of that, what we do is also make sure she is held up for 30 minutes after a feed. We give small frequent feeds. We also use Dr. Browns standard size bottle with Preemie flow nipples. We swaddle at naps and night since it's comforting for her too. We tried putting her to sleep on an incline, but she hated it. So she sleeps on her stomach or side.
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