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what procedures/tests do you consent to?

With my first pregnancy i mostly went along with the doctor even though it made me a bit uncomfortable. He seemed to recommend every test and procedure during my pregnancy without really explaining the risks and benefits. So now im back and 10 weeks pregnant. We do selective vaccinations because i really want to weigh the pros and cons. And id like to do the same with pregnancy tests.

Did you consent to urine and blood screenings? Gestational diabetes, group b strep? Genetic testing or amneostesis? Anatomy scan? Etc etc

The truth of the matter is im just not a worrier. I want minimal medical intervention but i dont want to big risks either. I dont have any risk factors and the first pregnancy was uncomplicated.

For example, the anatomy scan. It took over an hour and a half with different technicians coming and going. The problem was the the umbilical cord attachment. They made it sound really scary and like there was a huge problem. But i questioned them about it there was nothing indicating there was a problem, they just didnt have a clear view. I said it was fine and dont worry about it. Is there a way to get just the basics scanned and not worry about every little measurement? I dont want them to focus on every little potential problem, just the ones most likely to be good indicators of big problems.
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