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Re: Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

I will keep you updated mama. I had another load in the dryer this morning, I will let you know how those are in a couple of days.

What is weird is I have never had an ammonia problem before. I did have massive stink once, but that was because I bought into the whole "stink=too much detergent" hype and was not using enough. Once I started using more, things were all better, except for that 'off' smell in all our laundry. But I never had issues with ammonia, or problems with LO getting red from the diapers at all. The ammonia hit totally out of the blue.

So far though, all the diapers that have gone through with the Target detergent have not had ammonia. Just smelled strongly of pee (and a hint of detergent). I think I must have a super sensitive sniffer to still be able to smell unscented detergent.

And my 6yo's diapers still reek, but they just smell like super stinky 6yo pee.

Hoping that things continue to work well with the new detergent. Will keep you posted!
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