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Originally Posted by Terra

Well, I'm sorry you all feel that way. Because I'm totally happy. I've just had my eyes opened in life in general and I understand that you gals are not going to see it differently as well.

I absolutely stand for what I believe in. I just happen to have re-evaulated again and I think circumcision is not a huge issue [to me IMO]. Heck I used to think people who CIO in ANY degree were abusive until I was faced with some things AND had some wonderful friends who did it and I realized nope, not abuse.

I feel very strongly about breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding [especially since I did it until my son self-weanted at 3]. BUT I've re-evaluated and feel it would be wrong of me to now say "I think every one should be forced to try for 6 weeks, and they should ban all formula bags, and they should only give out formula by prescription.

I feel strongly about the family bed and we did it until both boys transitioned on their own. However, after re-evaluating I see it really doesn't work for all people, and especially now being back at work full time I don't know if I could go back and do that again.

Basically I've just learned to each their own.

TBH maybe you gals don't like the new me because I'm not longer the stand up and hit people over the head person that I once was? I don't know of course, but say I seem not happy, well that's just silly.
And yeah, I admit, I'm pretty judgmental still, mainly against judgmental moms who refuse to live and let live. I guess if we're all allowed to be judgmental that will be my latest Who knows about the future though
It all reminds me of a quote that I read:

"When people say you've changed. What they really mean is you've stopped living your life, their way."
Love it.

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