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Re: S/O: Santa believers, what do you do to make the magic 'real'?

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
We have a few things we do every year, but we try not to ever get in a position where something that isn't very easy is expected. Like when DD1's preschool class handed out "reindeer food" to sprinkle on the lawn. Really? We have to remember to do that also?!?!?! And, what if it is all still there in the morning? Well, thankfully that stuff REALLY blends into the grass/ground.

Now it is kind of funny b/c we live in a wooded area so we have TONS of deer. Our first winter here the kids looked out and saw "rein"deer tracks all over the front yard. They were so excited! The next year we had no snow, but they found a lot of "rein"deer poop all over the ground. DD1 said it looks similar to "just deer poop." I agreed.

Sometimes they have us leave out carrots for the reindeer. Sometimes they forget, but remember in the morning. OF course. But, we say enough people probably left something for them or Santa shared his cookies. We always leave out cookies and milk.

On Christmas Eve we go to mid day mass, then come home for appetizers and dinner. After dinner the kids get changed in their Christmas pj's, we make hot cocoa and drive around in the car checking out all the holiday lights. Then, back home to a crackling fire, they open gift(s) from out of town relatives that we won't be with on Christmas day, then we all sit on the couch and read "Twas the Night Before Xmas." Then it is bedtime.
Holiday lights!!! I did forget about that. We do that several times a week starting Thanksgiving weekend! So fun!!! Do you all have some killer displays??
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