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Re: what procedures/tests do you consent to?

First, I'd like to recommend this thread:

there's a lot of information in that thread about what testing people feel is important and which testing they feel is extraneous.

To answer here: I get the first blood test and the first urine test. My doctors do not do either of those at any other appts until the glucose test, which I get. I also get the strep test, which I think is very important. 1) so you can avoid the antibiotics if you are not positive and 2) so you can avoid your baby ending up in the NICU if you are positive and you didn't treat for it.

As for ultrasounds, I generally get 2. The first one at about 11 weeks and then the one that's around 20-25 weeks. Whether those are necessary or not depends on your situation. For instance, if you do not plan to terminate the pregnancy if there's a problem, then they are less critical. Although, if there is a problem, it is good for them to know in advance so that when you go into labor, the proper specialists can be called in, if needed. Getting quick care for your baby.

ETA: because Canadianbakers reminded me -
I do the blood pressure every time, and the heartbeat. I wasn't offered any cervical checks before labor with DD and when I asked, they said if I wanted it, but it wasn't necessary. I decided I didn't want it. I will do the same with this baby. I went into labor thick and closed, so I don't think that cervical checks are remotely necessary.
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