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Re: Having trouble after baby #2

You're not alone. DD2 is about the same age as your LO, and it's hard to go from 1 to 2. My oldest is turning 5, so she's reasonably self sufficient and in kindy every other day, but damn it's still tough. DD2 sleeps well at night, but I have to make sure the stars align just right to get the child to nap during the day, which makes getting anything at all done impossible. It's not at all uncommon for me to spend the afternoon in my darkened bedroom trying to nurse the baby down for hours. This child is very much the velcro baby - she's very attached to me, which is great, but not so great when mommy needs a break, or like today is sick. I try to get out to playgroups and get out of the house at least for short periods every day - it helps everyone's mood, mine included. Dh also takes care of the girls for a couple hours on monday nights to let me get down to the Y for a swim class alone. I have to leave a bottle of pumped milk for him, but it's worth it.
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