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Re: S/O: Santa believers, what do you do to make the magic 'real'?

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
we did the phone call from santa last year...don't remember who it was through.
My DH got in the habit of making these phone calls for people he worked with. He has a good Santa voice, and the kids love it. Now, he generally gets about 6-10 requests from work a year to call kids pre-Christmas.

Originally Posted by Fishie Kisses View Post
last year I did the "naughty or nice" videos from Santa for my older 2. They LOVED it. We bake cookies for Santa and leave them out with hot chocolate. This year DS1 can write, so we will probably have him leave Santa a note.

Growing up my parents would make boot prints with the soot from the fire place (flour) but we have a gas fireplace that won't produce any ash, so it wouldn't be realistic lol
We did the videos, too, and my kids were too cute watching them. The anticipation and excitement when the elves declared them "nice" as a riot. Santa sent them each a birthday video this year, too (which I guess I must have put in their birthdates when we did the Christmas videos, because the birthday messages came automatically.

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
We to sleigh tracks when there is enough snow for them to work. We leave out milk, cookies and carrots. The reindeer leave 1/2 eaten carrots on the lawn. Glitter and flour are wonderful for leaving a trail of footprints through the living room.

We have a special key that hangs on the outside of our front door for Santa to use to get in the house since we don't have a fireplace. He usually leaves it by the cookie plate when he is done.
We have a key, too.

We do milk, cookies, (although sometimes Santa has requested a beer.... ), carrots, reindeer food on the lawn, have done the flour footprints. DD writes a letter to Santa every year on Christmas Eve and leaves it for him with a picture. She has done this since before she could write. I am sure we do more....

I have a Santa question, but will start yet another Santa thread...
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