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Re: Do you do the circus?

Originally Posted by jenn.mcc View Post
I just have to say that I used to do circus arts as well as trick-riding (horse back), and I knew several people who performed in the circus. Most circuses today are based on human performers, with comparatively few animal performers. Of course there are probably some circuses that treat animals poorly, but if you have an animal that is performing, such as a horse, dog or an elephant, those animals are intelligent and sensitive. They will not perform well if they are being mistreated. The horses I rode and performed with were well fed, well-groomed and given lots of time off. If they decided they didn't like me they would just stop in the middle of the ring and not budge--if I or anyone tried to mistreat them I would have been knocked onto my butt pretty fast. Apart from the fact that most people who work with these animals actually care about them, we also don't want them to injure us. Hurting an animal is a great way to ensure they eventually hurt you. So it's just smarter to treat them well.

And there are regulations limiting how many hours the animals can "work," how many days off they must have, and inspectors can demand vet records for any animal performing in a show. Again, there are always bad apples, just like there are always going to be bad pet owners, but someone is much more likely to be caught if they treat an animal performer poorly compared to if they treat a pet poorly. If you don't feed your pet horse enough, no one might know, but if you don't feed your performing horse enough there are thousands of people who are going to see and potentially report it.

Would I take my kids to the circus? Yup! And if I saw an animal behaving as if it were distressed or ill I would report it.
This is interesting, thank you for posting I honestly didn't have any idea when I was little about the mis-treatment and heard about it in limited info as an adult. I did not realize that the circus was still around, how bad is that?? I remember going a couple of times as a child, but I just never liked it. My children have never been to one yet. We're more Disney people.
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