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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by harmoni247 View Post
Terra, I don't think your philosophy is what rubs people the wrong way. It's the "I used to be just like you but now I've seen the light" way you say it. You don't need to give your past out to make your point. It makes it seem like you are trying to imply you have evolved out of their way of thinking onto a higher level. I understand exactly what your philosophy is and I've become more and more and more like this as I live. That doesn't mean I'm more evolved that those who have firm judgements and active in the spreading of informations. It means we are at different stages of our lives and we'll all change and evolve in MANY different directions before we die. The thing about evolving is that it doesn't happen on a don't evolve to the next step and become a better person, you evolve sporadically in all different directions to adapt to the social environment that is currently around you. It takes all kinds of people at all different stages to make the world go round.
Ahhh, I got ya. Yeah, I guess I just share so those that may not know me, would know the back story.

But lots of people who decide to keep their sons intact [like I did], share as well. I just kind of think people *may* be saying this about me only because I've decided to not let it be a big issue anymore. And being a public forum, it's all about sharing

I think you're bolded though is the crux and I agree totally. I feel like sometimes that these kinds of threads and similar [like CIO, spanking, etc] hold the connotation that if one DOES do it the AP/crunchy way, they *are* better. Thus the whole it should be a crime thing and it's abuse and mutilation. That too states that 'our way is better' IMO anyway! Thank you Harmoni, I have always liked talking/debating with you!
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