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Re: DH asked to play Santa- WWYD?

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post

If you don't want to 'lie' have your husband tell the school he can't do it. If your DD can't keep a secret then she would tell people even after, right?
True. He really wants to do it, though.. We'll have to think about how to get her to keep it a secret. The bonus is that it is close to the holidays, so there is some space where she won't see kids from school.

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Oh tough one. I'm honestly not sure how to do it. But how fun!!!
But I do vote telling the night before [or a little ahead] to get them used to it and not to say. Although too far ahead leaves room for an "oopsie".
That's kind of what I thought....

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Are you sure they will recognize him? My family is pretty big and occasionally we have had family get togethers at Christmas time. My dad played Santa once and my Grandpa did another time, and I had no idea, only found out years later.
Maybe? I don't know. With this, though, I worry that DS 4 will suddenly recognize him and scream out, "Santa is my DAD!"
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