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Re: what procedures/tests do you consent to?

about the other thread

For me, I have (with past pregnancies) done a urine dip at each prenatal appt, as well as checking blood pressure, weight gain, fundal height, and baby's heartrate.
I have the anatomy u/s at 20 weeks, do the gestational diabetes test, and do the GBS swab.
I decline any vaginal exams/cervical checks until laboring, or when I was overdue with Levi - although this was useless and I likely wouldn't do it again.

I do labwork to have my platelets checked at each appt - this is not the norm, but I have a platelet issue that causes my levels to drop. We need to keep an eye on where my levels are at, especially nearing the end of my pregnancy.

With Elliana's pregnancy we ended up doing things differently - different situations bring about different choices, and that's how it should be. We had additional u/s at the fetal assessment unit in the city, and we did an amniocentesis with her. Again, these were decisions made based on the issues revealed at the 20 week u/s, not what we would do with a normal pregnancy/baby.
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