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Re: Need serious help here momas! :blush:

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
Who have you spoken to?
I would contact your city planning department before the major undertaking of gathering signatures.

Definitely do this!

We had a different situation completely, regarding a business going in nearby, but anyways, we called the city planning commission and my DH and I spoke on the phone with them and then he went down and they walked him through the entire process. Even the city attorney contacted us and told us we could appeal the decision and that we should, again, contact the planning commission.

My only advice is BE NICE. Not that you wouldn't, I don't know you at all. But, be pleasant and respectful to the city office, even if they are telling you something you don't want to hear. They may work with you and help you out if they don't feel its confrontational. I'd keep the details to a minimum at first and just try to find out information about what you could do, then after you've dealt with one person, you could share some background, etc.

Hope this helps!
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