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Re: When did you decide to just call it quits as far as CD'ing?

If things weren't working out, like you describe, I'd probably be done. Sticking with cloth is a commitment of time, certainly, and hassle. If things were not even working, what would be the point? My son is 39 months and mainly, if I put him in a dipaer, it's either a fleece pocket or a fitted w/fleece cover. All his diapers are relatively fluffy, they need LOTS of absorbency. His nighttime diapers are really big; I use fleece DryBees and either stuff with an XL Toddler size hemp PF or a Medium Sbish bamboo terry flat (both w/cotton doublers).

Most of the time he runs around diaper-less, so I washer smaller loads than I used to. But I hope to keep him completely in cloth until he's totally done...we'll see. I have managed to find solutions to any of the problems that came up, some people seem to really struggle with that. If there are no solutions then why keep torturing yourself?
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