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Re: How do gymbucks and the coupons work?

Like a previous poster said, gymbucks are done during specific time periods and they're usually done 3-5 times per year. They come in $25 off $50 increments and you can use as many as you want. The best deals are found when you buy ahead and the absolute best time to do gymbucks is at the end of their big red balloon sales which are typically in June and January. The coupons are usually 20% off, but they are occasionally higher and every once in a while Gymboree does their circle of friends sale which is 30% off. You cannot use coupons with gymbucks. If you sign up on their website they will email you about sales and send you coupons.

As for Crazy 8, like others said, they are Gymboree's sister company as is Janie and Jack. I also always compare them to Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy. Each a little different, but somewhat similar and the quality goes down a little with each one. I've still had great success with Crazy 8 and they have awesome sales. Their Black Friday sales are always good. The clothes I buy for DS1 are rarely resold since they go through two boys so I'm not as worried about resale value and I typically just look for good quality jeans and shirts that I can get killer deals on and I always get a ton of stuff from there. Their jeans are good quality and during sales/BF I can get cute shirts for like $2-$3. I also wanted to say though that I have to disagree that their resale value isn't as good. Individual pieces don't resell great, but neither do Gymboree's. I always resell DD's clothes and the 2nd highest resale value I've ever had on that type of clothing was a Crazy 8 outfit (I say that type because you can't compare Gymbo/C8 to something like Matilda Jane or other brands like that). Just make sure to get the cute outfits and accessorize when possible since that dramatically ups the resale value if that's what you're going for.
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