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Re: Did you have to have a credit check to foster?

Originally Posted by ivparker View Post
Yes, ours also asks us to list all our bills and our income to verify that we can live off of our own money and dont need foster money to live. I also dont get how you can make money.Maybe its because we have infant twins and didnt have any baby supplies. We've spent at least $100 on formula each week. Ive never been on WIC but asked about it and thank goodness all foster children qualify. So as of this week, that is covered. We are also using disposables vs cloth so that is an extra expense. And we had to get clothes for them. Today I hit the jackpot, though, found someone on craigslist with twin boys selling clothes in the right size!
Oh, and we have to transport for parenting visits 3x a week. The gas cost is all the money they give us for a day.
yay for craigslist deals! gas killed us when we had newbie dfd with visits 5x/week across town ! luckily the visitation office is just a few miles away now and thats where most visits are but hers were in home. i have had a person commment to me "yeah i hear theres good money in that." i was so shocked i started a thread about it here lol!

also why aren't you on wic yet? i get on wic a day or so after a placement if i have to sit in the SW office to wait for the documentation. no i've never really had to do it, i just say can you write a letter i'll pick it up and thats been fine so far. formula is too expensive especially with 2!!!!
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