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Re: Great steps with DH and the house

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
This weekend we finally took the couch to Goodwill, along with a few trash bags of stuff we cleaned out. There's still lots of stuff, but it's a great start.
That's awesome! It's ok if it takes a long time, but doesn't it feel good to know it's moving in a forward direction now?! So glad your husband is ready to start weeding through it all and he's motivated by the progress you've made in the rest of the house!

Originally Posted by solarbabies View Post
My grandpa is a horder. Not as extreme as the ones on tv, but about half that. He is going down hill health wise. I am the only family that lives close. I am very close with him (he basically raised me) and so getting rid of a lot of his stuff will be hard . I am not looking forward to just the stuff aspect of him passing away, let alone the emotional part. It is going to be extremely hard!
I'm so sorry. Have no advice, just wanted to offer .
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