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Re: Saxon math

I do not homeschool - but i was homeschooled growing up for many years and my parents used saxon math. So i cannot speak for the younger skills aged book..... so take this for what its worth:

I started in 7th grade math (so book 8/9 probably) and moved on up through the most advanced they offered by the time i was a junior in high school - at which point we moved and i returned to PS to make friends. I will say that Saxon math was easy and intuative to learn from - my parents did not "teach" me per say.... they answered questions if i had any, but i rarely did. Saxon just fit my learning style. When i re-entered PS at 16yr midway through my junior year of HS i knew a LOT more than the math being taught in PS (i took pre-cal, then AP cal senior year)..... That being said, my little sister was also homeschooled along side me (from 4th grade thru 9th grade - chose to reenter PS her soph year) and Saxon was very difficult to her. She really struggled with it, and in some ways my parents really did her a dis-service by not trying to find something better suited to her learning style. I am very much a read it, then i understand it type of student.... she is much more tactile and auditory in her learning needs.

Overall i think Saxon was very thorough and I knew math very well compared to my peers.
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