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Re: HELLP Syndrome

I realize this post was started quite a while ago and hope everything worked out for the original poster! I don't think I had HELLP but did have severe pre-e. At first when they admitted me at week 36 they weren't quite sure what was going on. My blood pressure sky rocketed every time I moved from laying on my left side. They should have started mag then. Mag wasn't kicked on until they decided to induce so I had it through labor and 24 hours after. Immediately after pushing my blood pressure was 215/160 (ish) I can't remember the exact numbers. They kicked the mag up higher and constantly came around to check my reflexes. Turns out I have Chronic Kidney disease and was at very high risk for pre-e, should have been a high risk pregnancy from the start. We're trying for another now despite knowing I'll probably have it again. We have an amazing specialist now and will have ultra sounds weekly from the start. It sounds crazy but I want our daughter to have a sibling and then we're cutting it off!
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