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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

I always found the medical benefit argument to be full of holes. I won the argument with the ex because he was pro-circumsion by saying okay but only if you watch the video of a child being circumsized and educate yourself on the pros and cons. I won the argument and then ds was born and it didn't matter because his penis needed to be surgically corrected for hypospadis and chordee and the surgeon used what little of the foreskin that formed to do the correction. Usually when these birth defects happen the children aren't born with their full foreskin anyway ds only had 60% coverage from his.

Side note -
I have seen anti-circ advocates go after even this surgical correction procedure and it genuine perplexes me since when the whole penis is affected by the birth defect they rarely have a functional foreskin anyway. Those anti-circ adovocates (not all of them but some) say it is better to take skin from the thigh which seems way more painful and invasive to me to cut a chunk off a child's thigh versus using a flap of skin that is so deformed it doesn't serve its original purpose anyway.

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