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Originally Posted by Firstandlast
I thought I was the only one. Everyone told me I would lose the weight so fast from breastfeeding. Well, I'm almost five months in and I haven't lost anything since those first couple weeks of giving birth. I just find that I am extremely hungry, maybe even more than when I was pregnant. I'm also tired and don't feel like working out at all anymore. I don't know how any new mom finds the time..?
Same here. So many people told me i would lose the weight... so frustrating when the scale doesn't budge. I started turbo fire. What i love about it is that some workouts are only 15-20-25 mins. Thats more manageable with little ones and you drench in sweat after them. Usually if my infant is full and has clean diaper, I can get him to stay quiet in the bouncer for 15-20 mins. Try it.
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