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Re: Going pat 41 weeks...really dangerous?

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post

It sounds like his death wasn't caused by being 42 weeks, though, but instead by the long induction and the cord issues. If it was to do with his cord, it may have occured at any gestational age with labor and birth.
If he had passed away before the induction I would be more likely to put some blame on him being 42 weeks, but not with the other stuff going on.

Again, I can't imagine the issues Levi would have had if we had induced early - 39 weeks would have been 2.5 weeks early for him... that is scary to me.

Yes, true.
I agree with this. My second was born at 41 weeks and he was little! My placenta with him looked healthier at 41 weeks than my daugher's did at 40 weeks. Also his gestational age assessment was 38 weeks even though I knew date of conception, so he really was 41 weeks. I think that most of the time babies come when they are ready, and medically managing everything really can't take the risk out of life or childbearing/childbirth.
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