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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

When I initially responded to this post I was really just trying to encourage the OP and everyone else not to circumcise. Now I get to talk about the kind of thing that no man wants to talk about. Ultimately, I was considered to have phimosis, which is the inability to retract the foreskin.

Having done research as an adult, I was six at the time of the procedure, I feel this diagnosis was premature. There are multiple reasons for phimosis. Physiological phimosis is common and you basically grow out of it by the time the penis is done growing around the age of 17.

Pathological phimosis is much more complicated. Basically it comes from abuse, in the literal sense not necessarily sexual, to that area of the body. Basically anything that causes inflammation in the glans or foreskin can cause phimosis. Natural lack of retractibility is common prior to the age of 1, however uninformed medical staff retracting the foreskin can cause it to change from physiological to pathological. Untreated diabetes causes glucose to be present in the urine which can cause infection in the foreskin. Phimosis may occur after other types of chronic inflammation , repeated catheterization, or forcible foreskin retraction.

Basically don't let people mess with your son's penis and he should be good. Hope this helps.
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