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Originally Posted by Jubilee
UPDATE 10/7: Woke up an hour earlier than normal time probably because I had to pee and was excited. Slept 7 hours straight while holding after very minimal water intake in the evening, which is difficult for me. Used restroom, sped to Walmart and got a FRER (back within 20 mins..) Came home, dipped the EPT and a FRER. The EPT was a little darker than this one from yesterday. Definitely a cross, but the FRER, not so much.

I can somewhat make out the slightest tinge of a line "in the right light, certain angles" etc., (if you click FRER pic #2, can you not see something too?) but here they are anyway.

So, basically BFN. I know I'm not out 'til AF comes...but temp did drop today. I wonder if it wouldn't have had I woken up at my normal time?

My boobs are on fire. If I have no or hardly any hcg in system, I just can't imagine I would have this many symptoms, which makes me think it just must be AF, but I will never forget this crazy cycle lol

I HATE BLUE DYE!!!!! I did not take a pic of the new EPT...not sure why but I forgot within the time limit lol

Soooo...Dh is working like always during the weekend (he's a chef) and here I sit obsessing.

I took a FRER earlier and the faintest line ever (couldn't even tell the color really) showed up for about a minute, and then disappeared before 10. I had never had a faint so I started freaking out and then googled it and it turns out it's a known FRER problem, so got all depressed.

All I had left was a dreaded blue dye test, but let's face it... I'm weak. I'm desperate. I took it after a 1.5 hr hold and omg this is all within 3-8 mins.....please tell me this is the beginning of something? I'm hoping and praying it's something... never had even a super duper squinter that was not a pregnancy.

(If you don't know how to read these, it should be going the same direction as the dark blue line to create a + in the circle window.)

and finally at 9 mins. i ripped it off the back to see if the horizontal line was creating an optical illusion but i can still see something going the opposite (test) way!!

Are blue dye tests really so bad that there's always a line no matter what??
So here's my .... iPad's are THE BEST for squinting & I see a line on the middle FRER (the one with the darkest lighting) & the blue dye pic at the bottom (the one with your fingernail in it)...FTR...I didn't know a thing about the "evil" blue dye test when I tested the first time with DS & my test looked EXACTLY like that one. He is now 2!

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